Klein Field at Sunken Diamond

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Sunken Diamond Renovation Project

Long regarded as one of the most beautiful college baseball facilities in the country, Klein Field at Sunken Diamond underwent several renovations two years ago, including upgrades to the clubhouse, playing surface, entrance, ticket office and concession stands.

“Klein Field at Sunken Diamond is a unique treasure and provides one of the most extraordinary baseball experiences in the country,” said head coach Dave Esquer in his first year at the helm of the Cardinal. “These renovations have added modern amenities into the classic charm of Sunken Diamond, and we are extremely privileged to call it home.”

Among the biggest changes to Klein Field is the upgraded playing surface which was completely replaced, laser-graded flat, and features Bermuda grass and top-grade Pennsylvania clay. These additions, along with a new irrigation system, will vastly improve playing conditions.

A modernized and expanded clubhouse now includes a players lounge, dedicated athletic training space and coaches locker room. Lockers nearly doubled in size for all Stanford players and the xx-square foot locker room has five HD televisions. The players lounge incorporates a study area and floor-to-ceiling window views of Sunken Diamond as well as the creation of a new direct entrance to the field.

The main entrance was moved behind home plate where the iconic Stanford arches will be instantly recognizable to fans. Other developments included the modification and expansion of the ticket office, concession stands and restrooms. The backstop was restored and both bullpens were expanded.

These state-of-the art facilities were embedded into the historic baseball setting. Originally constructed in 1931, Sunken Diamond’s famous and comfortable grassy hillsides remain, and of course, so do the picturesque views of the Stanford foothills. 

Nelson Road and Sam McDonald Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Parking is located in the Varsity Parking Lot. It can be accessed via Nelson Road, off of Galvez Street, south of Stanford Stadium. Disabled spaces are available at the south end of the parking lot. A Disabled Placard (from any state) will be necessary to access the disabled parking spaces. The entrance to Klein Field at Sunken Diamond is off of the southwest corner of the parking lot.