All Star Camps FAQ


How involved will the Stanford baseball coaching staff be in camp?
Head Coach Dave Esquer, and his entire assistant coaching staff, Thomas Eager, Tommy Nicholson, and Jack Marder will be highly visible and very active in all aspects of camp! 

I see that Session 1 ends the same day as Session 2 begins, and Session 3 begins the same day as Session 2 ends.  How does that work? 
It is really pretty easy.  Session 1 campers check out of the dorm by 8 AM on their final day, Saturday, June 29.  We transport all your dorm luggage to Sunken Diamond.  That day you have a full baseball schedule, with a 2 ½ practice and a nine-inning game.  On the final day, we eat lunch at the field, thus conference services can clean the dorm rooms and get them ready for session 2 campers, who will check into dorm at 4 PM.  Camp registration takes place at the dorm at 4 PM.  For most of session 1 campers, baseball activities will be completed by 4 PM on Saturday, June 29.  

Do I have to pay the full amount when I sign up for camp? 
No.  You must pay our minimum deposit of $300.  The rest of your camper balance can be spread out over monthly installments.  For example, if you signed up in January and paid the minimum deposit of $300 for camp, you would have a remaining balance of $800.  The balance would be paid in monthly installments.  On February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, and June 1, your credit card on file would be charged $160 on each of those dates until you are paid in full.  If you signed up in April, and paid the minimum deposit of $300, your balance would again be paid in monthly installments.  However, in this case, your $800 balance would be paid in two monthly (May 1, and June 1) payments of $400.

What other colleges will be working at the camp?
The complete camp staff is not fully set yet.  There will be approximately 40 college coaches that work at the camp.  By design, we have top academic schools at all division levels and from all parts of the country.  SCHOOLS FROM THE EAST COAST, NORTH, MIDWEST, SOUTH, NORTHWEST, AND WEST COAST are all part of our staff.  20 different states are represented our camp coaching staff!  On our website you will see a list of colleges.  Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change and a few more schools will be added before camp begins.  Every session of All-Star Camp will have a different set of college coaches.

How many years have you run camp and what makes this camp special? 
This is our 31st consecutive year of running this camp.  We have been told many times that our camp is the best in America.  It began because it was not physically and monetarily possible for us coaches to see all the prospects we needed to see during the summer months.  With that in mind, we started this camp. 

 Let me emphasize that this camp is much more than a showcase or identification camp.  We describe it as a 3 day “BASEBALL EXPERIENCE”. You will live 3 days of baseball. You will receive college instruction, play games and experience campus life at Stanford University.

While your team coach will provide you his evaluation at the end of camp, that is only part of our evaluation process.  You will have a full three hour practice every day.  In the practice areas, you will have access to some of the best baseball teachers in the nation.  Take advantage of it. Your aptitude to learn is very important to us.  Rest assured your every move will be watched!

Analytics are becoming increasingly important in baseball.  Will you be capturing any of my analytic data in camp? 
Yes! Stanford Baseball is a leader in college baseball with its usage of the top technologies to better train their players. Stanford Baseball has used technologies such as: Hit Trax, Flight Scope, Pocket Radar, Rapsodo, and many more on a daily basis. Our goal for All-Star Camp is to use some of these great technologies to better teach and develop during our “Practice” segment of camp. Players will be allowed to view and use the feedback of some of these top technologies while at camp!

What time does camp start? 
This year we have moved camp registration to begin at 4 PM on the first day of camp.  Since a big majority of our campers have to travel to attend camp, we felt like moving registration to 4 PM would make it much easier for all those traveling in on that day.  You will register at the dorm (our dorm will be determined at a later date) where we will stay.  You register and move into dorm from 4-5 PM.  We eat dinner from 5- 6 PM.  Following dinner, we will go to the Stanford Baseball Field, Sunken Diamond, and you will be outfitted into your camp baseball attire and take your headshot that we will use on our scoreboard when you play at Stanford’s baseball field.  Baseball practice and games begin the next morning following breakfast at 8:30 AM.

Can I attend camp as a “Day Camper” and not stay in the dorm?
Your $1100 camp fee covers all baseball activities, both practice and competition; all travel to and from away fields; all your food and lodging during camp hours; a camp jersey with your name on it, and a Stanford baseball hat. You do not have to stay in the dorm or eat in the dorm, but we have just one rate for camp, $1100. We do not offer a separate “day camper” fee. 

Do I have the option of attending more than one session of All Star Camp?
Absolutely. While the baseball aspect (a full practice and game every day) is the same in each camp, the colleges represented at each camp will change moderately. Each team is coached by a college baseball coach (he will write the evaluations for each member of his team), and all practice stations are directed by college baseball coaches. Last year, a number of campers attended two or more sessions. 

What is your refund policy? 
There is a $300 refund fee for anyone who cancels before May 1, 2019.  No refunds will be given if you cancel after May 1, 2019 (just for total clarification this includes if you have to cancel after May 1, 2019 but before camp begins, because you became injured and could not participate in camp because of that injury).

If I attend camp with a friend of mine can we be roommates in the dorm? 
Absolutely.  When you sign up online there will be a spot to request a roommate(s). In addition, we try (but cannot guarantee) to put friends together on the same team.

Do you provide transportation to and from the airport? 
We do provide ground transportation from the San Jose Airport (you need to arrive into the San Jose airport between the hours of 12 noon and 2 PM on the day that camp begins).  Cost for ground transportation is $40 each way. The San Jose Airport is the nearest airport to Stanford and is about 20 miles from the university.  If you have special needs and / or requests you can contact Dean Stotz at  

Will players receive any type of evaluation once they leave our Prospect Camp?
Yes. After camp, players will receive a comprehensive evaluation from your camp team coach outlining his opinion of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that will enhance his game.

How do I sign up for Camp?
There are two ways to sign up for camp. You can sign up online at or you can download the camp application under “camp brochure” tab at the Stanford Baseball Camp web site.  Send your completed application with payment to: Stanford Baseball Camps, Department of Athletics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.  Make your check payable to Stanford Baseball Camp.

Can you describe what takes place in the practice segment each day? 
Every day of camp there is a practice segment.  Practice runs approximately 3 hours.  One hour for hitting, one hour of defense, one hour of strength, speed, conditioning.  The practice segments are EXTREMELY important to our evaluation process.  For example, if you are an infielder you may get only a couple of groundballs during a game, but over the course of three days of practice our coaches will easily see you field 125 groundballs.  They will put you through all types of plays (fore-hand, backhand, slow roller, etc.) so that we get the best feel for your skill level.  I asked last year’s campers to give me their thoughts on each part of practice.  Their comments are in PDF form under the Past Camper Comments tab.

Do I bring my own bat? 
Bats and helmets are provided, but many players opt to bring their own bat and helmet.  You are allowed to use wood bats or BBCOR approved bats in the camp.

What happens if I get hurt or sick?
A certified athletic trainer is on site at all physical activities during the day.  A medical doctor is on call at all times, and a hospital and student health center are on the campus and readily accessible.

Your camp is on the expensive side—why? 
This camp carries enormous expenses.  Your $1100 camp fee covers all baseball activities, both practice and competition; all travel to and from away fields; all your food and lodging during camp hours; a camp jersey with your name on it, and a Stanford baseball hat.  We have approximately 40 college coaches who work at the camp.  We pay all of them a salary, cover their insurance, and pay for all their room and board.  In addition, we need umpires, announcers, scoreboard operators, bus drivers, field prep workers, video and filming personnel, trainers, game managers, and dorm supervisors.  Remember under our new camp format, we use only one outside baseball field (we use either Palo Alto HS which is right across the street, within walking distance; or Sacred Heart Prep which is less than 3 miles from Stanford), so all three of your practices are held at Stanford, and two of your three games are played at Stanford’s prestigious Sunken Diamond.  Last year, and hopefully again this year, we will capture a number of video clips of you hitting (in games and also in practice) and pitching that we give to you as part of your $1100 fee.

How do I know my son is being correctly identified? 
Every player in camp is assigned a jersey that has a number on it.  These numbered rosters are provided to all personnel who work at camp.  In addition, we put his name on his jersey so that he is easily identifiable.

Who coaches the teams at camp? 
Almost all teams are coached by a college coach.  That coach will provide an evaluation for each player on his team after camp has concluded.  

We plan to accompany our son to camp.  What are parents allowed to do? 
You can follow and observe your son in each game or practice segment.  We have blocked rooms at the Sheraton Palo Alto.  The Sheraton Palo Alto is our host hotel.  The Sheraton is a 10-minute walk from Stanford’s Baseball field, Sunken Diamond.  To make reservations, call the Sheraton at 650-328-2800, and ask for the Stanford All Star Camp rate. 

My son pitches and plays another position.  Does he get to do both at camp? 
Our goal is to evaluate your skills and then give you our “best guess” on what your baseball future might hold for you.  The more opportunities we have to see you perform the more it helps us in our evaluations.  For that reason, please be aware that if you have been admitted to camp with you listing pitcher as your primary position you will get a limited amount of at bats during the camp.  We realize there are a number of you who are legitimate prospects as both a field player and a pitcher.  In your case, we will see to it that you get a number of at bats.  On the other hand, if you were admitted to camp as a field player you will not be asked to pitch unless your team runs out of pitching.

Where can I find a map of Stanford? 
Maps of Stanford University can be found at: 

What time does the camp end? 
We play games in camp, thus campers are assigned to a specific team.  There are 14 teams in camp.  For 10 of the 14 teams, camp will end at 4:00 PM, on the last day of your camp.  For 4 teams, camp will end by 6 PM, on the last day of your camp.  Departure will be immediately following from Sunken Diamond.
All of your luggage from the dorm will be transported back to Sunken Diamond for departures.  Those with airline flights back home should make their reservations, again, from San Jose, departing after 6 PM.  Camp buses will be available to transfer you to the airport for your flight (there is a charge of $40 for each San Jose Airport pick-up or drop-off).

Do you have any camp rules? 
The rules we have are pretty simple.  Do not do anything to embarrass yourself.  WE HAVE A “ZERO” TOLERANCE FOR ALCOHOL USE, DRUG USE, MISSED CURFEW, OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH GIRLS.  If you violate these rules, you be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY!  Curfew is 10:00 P.M., with lights out being 11:00 P.M.  You will be up at 7 A.M. to eat breakfast at 7:30 A.M.

How much baseball will there be? 
This is three days of intense baseball.  We guarantee that, by the end of the camp, you will be physically exhausted.  With that in mind, every time you have a chance to rest, take advantage of it and do so.

We heard that in the games each hitter starts with a 1-1 count—why? 
We play a 1-1 count game.  That is each at bat starts with the count 1-1.  We want to play at least 9 and preferably 10 to 12 innings per game.  For this to happen we need you to get on and off the field quickly each and every inning.  The game goes quicker.  We get more action.  We get more at-bats.  Remember in most cases we will see a hitter two to three at bats and make our decision.  Our goal is to see what you can do.  

Even if I live close to Stanford, should I come?
Yes. Stanford Baseball has designed the camp to offer both local and outside of region participants the opportunity to demonstrate their baseball skills in as competitive an environment as possible. Members of the Stanford Baseball staff, as well as top coaches, will participate in the camp in some capacity. Players will leave the camp with added baseball knowledge as well as a sense of what it is like to be instructed within the Stanford baseball program philosophy. Coaches from all over the country that would not be able to see you otherwise!